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Commit to Practice Mindfulness Regularly

You need to practice mindfulness regularly. If possible you need to practice the mindfulness meditations every day, or at least make an effort to be mindful in your daily activities as best you can. Your reward is a brain that’s more focused, creative, productive, emotionally resilient and peaceful. Not bad, eh?

One of the challenges that most people have is remembering to be mindful. Drifting back into your usual habits on autopilot is just so easy. Therefore you need to think of ways to support yourself to keep going.

Which of the following approaches do you think is going to help you stick to practicing mindfulness regularly? You know yourself better than anyone else, so trust your intuition and see what answers you come up with.

Maintaining My Motivation
Method or Approach How You Can Use this Method to Help Practice Mindfulness Regularly
Learning with a friend
Putting mindfulness exercises in your diary
Joining a class
Reading more books on the subject
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