When working with the Create Item Receipts window in QuickBooks 2014, you should be familiar with the half-dozen command buttons located in different areas of the Create Item Receipts window:

  • Select PO: This toolbar button displays the Open Purchase Orders dialog box, which lists the purchase orders open for the selected vendor. By selecting a listed purchase order, you tell QuickBooks to fill out the Items tab with the information from that purchase order or orders.

  • Receive All/Clear Qtys: When it’s labeled Receive All, this command button says you’ve received all the items you ordered in some purchase order; when it’s labeled Clear Qtys, the button clears the received quantities shown on the Items tab if you’ve specified a purchase order. When you click this button, it changes from Receive All to Clear Qtys to Receive All, and so on.

  • Show PO: This command button shows the selected purchase order.

  • Clear Splits: This toolbar button erases any expense or item information that you’ve entered on the Expenses or Items tab and moves the total to the Expenses tab.

  • Recalculate: This toolbar button recalculates the total amount by using the information that you’ve entered on the Expenses and Items tabs.

  • Clear: This button (which appears in the bottom-right corner of the window) clears all the information that you’ve entered in the Create Item Receipts window, including Expenses-tab information, Items-tab information, and the vendor information shown at the top of the window. In effect, the Clear button lets you start over.

  • Enter Time: This toolbar button opens the Select Time Period dialog box, which you use to specify the date range of the work for which you’re paying.