Citrus Breakfast Fruit Salad with Yogurt and Granola

It may be Christmas morning, but you and your family still have to eat. Citrus fruit salad with yogurt and granola is a light, easy breakfast that doesn’t leave you slaving in a hot kitchen. This dish [more…]

Overnight French Toast for Christmas Breakfast

If you love French toast but don’t want to be chained to the stove on Christmas morning, Overnight French Toast with Orange-Maple Syrup is the recipe for you. You make the French toast the night before [more…]

Fix-Ahead Bacon for Christmas Breakfast

This is a great way to fix bacon ahead of time. Fix it on Christmas Eve and on Christmas morning, you just pop it into the over. You can serve it with Over-Night French Toast or mix up pancakes while it [more…]

Spinach and Chevre Breakfast Frittata

Christmas morning often means brunch with family. This easy Spinach and Chevre Frittata is a great way to feed eggs to a crowd on Christmas morning. You bake this frittata in the oven, freeing you up for [more…]

Christmas Brunch Fruit Smoothies

Smoothies make a real treat for Christmas brunch. You freeze the fruit for this overnight so whipping the smoothies up on Christmas morning, is a snap. The soy-based version is worth trying at least once [more…]

Orange-Passion Fruit Mimosas for Christmas Morning

Orange-Passion Fruit Mimosas are ideal for Mom and Dad to enjoy on Christmas morning. You can easily double or even quadruple this recipe if you’re having a lot of adults over. One 750 ml bottle of champagne [more…]

How to Make Hot White Chocolate

Chocolate and Christmas just naturally go together. And hot chocolate is perfect treat for warming holiday guests on a cold winter day. Everybody has tried dark hot chocolate, but white hot chocolate is [more…]

Christmas Brunch for Six Shopping List

To shop for the ingredients for Christmas brunch for six, print this shopping list and carry it to the store a couple days in advance, so you have everything you need to follow this easy brunch menu. This [more…]

How to Prepare Christmas Brunch for Six

No one should have to spend Christmas morning in the kitchen. So many of the items on this brunch menu let you do the preliminary cooking the night before. Let the little elves help you with the prep work [more…]