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Choosing Hybrid Tea Roses for Your Garden

You can choose among hundreds of hybrid tea roses. You can go for color, fragrance, cut flowers, thornless (look for “smooth” in the name), or even a wacky name. Most people choose by color so here are some pointers:

  • Red hybrid teas: Red roses are by far the most popular:

    • ‘Dublin’: Large, smoky red, double blooms (35 to 40 petals) have a unique raspberry fragrance.

    • ‘Mister Lincoln’: Easy-to-grow with deep red buds that open into large, velvety red, double blossoms (30 to 35 petals) with a heady rose fragrance. (This rose is featured in the color insert.)

    • ‘Old Smoothie’: Large, deep red, lightly fragrant double blooms (45 to 50 petals) on long, straight, thornless stems.

    • ‘Traviata’: Bright red, many petalled (up to 100) flower with old-fashioned fragrance and modern disease resistance.

  • Pink hybrid teas: Following are a few of many popular pink roses:

    • ‘Brides Dream’: Slightly fragrant, creamy pastel pink, double (25 to 35petals) flowers.

    • ‘Color Magic’: Apricot-pink buds open into large, salmon-pink, double blooms (25 to 30 petals) that gradually fade to deep pink. Fruity fragrance.

    • ‘Dainty Bess’: Free-blooming roses with clusters of single (5-petalled) pink blossoms centered with maroon stamens. The lightly fragrant flowers resemble the blooms of a dogwood.

    • ‘Pink Peace’: Deep pink, double rose (50 to 60 petals) with a strong rose fragrance.

  • Orange hybrid teas: Orange mixes well with reds, whites, and yellows, but combinations with pink or lavender can be jarring to the eye.

    • ‘Brandy’: Beautifully formed, double blossoms (25 to 30 petals) bloom in rich shades of light apricot-orange. Mildly sweet fragrance.

    • ‘Dolly Parton’: Bright, coppery, reddish orange, double blossoms (35 to 40 petals) have an alluring, strong, spicy clove fragrance.

    • ‘Just Joey’: Rich apricot, double flowers (25 to 30 petals) emit a strong, fruity fragrance. Free-blooming and easy to grow.

    • ‘Spice Twice’: Bright coral-orange, double blossoms (about 30 petals) with a lighter cream-orange on the back side of the petals have a slight fragrance.

  • Yellow hybrid teas: Yellow roses are about as sunny as you can get:

    • ‘Elina’: Soft pastel yellow, double flower (30 to 35 petals). Light fragrance.

    • ‘Golden Masterpiece’: Huge, golden yellow, double flowers (30 to 35petals) with a strong licorice-like fragrance.

    • ‘Houston’: Large, intense yellow, double blooms (35 to 40 petals). Nice, fruity fragrance.

    • ‘Oregold’: Large, deep golden yellow, double flowers with a slightly fruity fragrance.

  • White hybrid teas: White hybrid teas light up the garden or a bouquet, making every other color look brighter:

    • Garden Party’: Creamy white, double blooms (25 to 30 petals) with a touch of pink on the outside petals boast a light fragrance.

    • ‘Honor’: Large, clear white, double flowers have exquisite form and substance. Lightly fragrant.

    • ‘John F. Kennedy’: Double rose (40 to 45 petals) that starts out greenish white in the bud and gradually turns clean white as the flower opens. Moderate-to-strong fragrance.

    • ‘Pascali’: White, well-formed, double flowers (30 to 35 petals) with a light fragrance. Easy to grow.

  • Lavender hybrid teas: As much as people want to call these roses blue, they’re really lavender or purple:

    • ‘Barbra Streisand’: Large, mauve-pink, double blossoms (more than 35 petals) blushing darker around edges, with a rich rose-citrus fragrance.

    • ‘Blue Nile’: Large, dark purplish lavender, double flowers (25 to 30 petals) with a fruity fragrance.

    • ‘Heirloom’: Deep lilac, double blooms (30 to 35 petals) are darker purple on the edges of the petals and have a strong, sweet fragrance.

    • ‘Moon Shadow’: Strongly fragrant, nicely formed, deep lavender, double blooms (30 to 35 petals) borne in clusters.

    • ‘Purple Passion’: Dark purple, double flowers (about 30 petals) with strong lemony fragrance make a unique cut flower.

  • Multicolored hybrid teas: These whirlwinds of color change complexion on a daily basis:

    • ‘Broadway’: Large orange-yellow, double blossoms (30 to 35 petals) edged with red emit a strong, spicy fragrance.

    • ‘Diana, Princess of Wales’: Creamy white petals gracefully touched with a clear pink blush. Large, double flowers (30 to 35 petals). Sweet fragrance. A portion of the proceeds from the sales is donated to the Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.

    • ‘Granada’: Swirling, ever-changing shades of gold, yellow, pink, and redadorn these double blossoms (18 to 25 petals) with a strong, spicy fragrance.

    • ‘Monet’: Huge, double rose (30 to 35 petals) in blended shades of pink, yellow, peach, and apricot. Moderately fragrant.

    • ‘Peace’: Large, perfectly formed, double blossoms (40 to 45 petals) are bright yellow edged with pink and emit a light, fruity fragrance.

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