The Alpha 35 has a number of interesting effects organized into a Picture Effect mode, which is located with Scene Selection on the Mode dial. Each effect is unique and gives you ways to make your images and videos pop.

Name Effect
Posterization (Color) In graphic terms, posterization creates abrupt changes in tone with no or very little gradient using a limited color palette. This particular effect creates a wildly posterized photo and replaces the normal color palette with primary colors. These photos look like something out of a graphic novel.
Posterization (B/W) This effect creates an effect similar to Posterization (Color) but in black and white. Photos taken with this effect look like pen and ink drawings.
Pop Color This effect adds zing to colors.
Retro Photo This option reduces contrast color, creating a photo that looks aged, complete with subtle sepia tones.
Partial Color (Red) This special effect is fantastic for singling out and showing reds while converting everything else to black and white.
Partial Color (Green) Likewise, this effect filters out everything but greens.
Partial Color (Blue) This effect shows blues and converts everything else to black and white.
Partial Color (Yellow) This one keeps yellows. The challenge with partial color is finding the right scene with the right colors to show off the contrast between the selected color and the rest of the black and white photo.
High-Key High-key photos are bright, happy, and softer than normal photos.
High Contrast Monochrome This effect creates a black and white photo that has more contrast than normal.
Toy Camera This effect simulates what the photo would look like if you took it with a really cheap camera. The colors are bright but the corners are shaded (vignetted).