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Although you can choose a predefined invoice form template for your invoices, QuickBooks gives you more flexibility than that. You can also create custom invoice form templates to design an invoice that looks just the way you want. To do this, you can start with one of the basic invoice form templates and then customize it so that it perfectly matches your requirements.

QuickBooks allows you to use an invoice form that matches the requirements of your business. For example, businesses that sell products need an invoice that includes descriptions of the product items that are sold. Businesses that sell services — such as law and architectural firms — need an invoice that appropriately describes these services. Businesses that sell both products and services need a blend of attributes.

Fortunately, QuickBooks lets you choose the invoice form that best matches your business. To choose an invoice form, display the Create Invoices window by choosing the Customers→Create Invoices command.

When QuickBooks displays the Create Invoices window, use the Template drop-down list, which appears in the top-right portion of the window, to choose the invoice form that you want. This drop-down list provides choices such as an attorney’s invoice, a finance charge invoice, a fixed-fee invoice, a product invoice, a service invoice, and a professional invoice.

Choose the invoice template that seems to best match your business. QuickBooks redraws the Create Invoices window when you choose a new invoice form template. This means that you can see what an invoice form template looks like simply by choosing an option from the Template drop-down list.

To choose a template to customize, display the Create Invoices window by choosing the Customers→Create Invoices command. Then select the template that most closely matches what you want your ultimate invoice to look like from the Template drop-down list.

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