Chinese Phrases for Emergencies

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If an emergency arises and you or someone else needs help, these Chinese phrases will get the attention and help you need, so practice their pronunciation:

  • Help! Jiù mìng! (jyo meeng)

  • Stop, thief! Zhuā zéi! (jwah dzay)

  • Fire! Zháohuŏ! (jaow hwaw)

  • Call an ambulance! Jiào jiùhùchē!

  • Call the police! Jiào jǐngchá!

  • I am sick. Wŏ bìng le.

  • Get a doctor. Kuài qù zhăo yīshēng. (kwye chyew jaow ee shung)

  • I'm lost. Wŏ mílù le. (waw mee loo luh)

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