The single most powerful step you can take to improve your confidence and power in the world is to restore your integrity. This checklist identifies ways that you can leak personal power and confidence and how you can build reserves.

Each time you do this, you increase your personal power and confidence Each time you do this, you reduce your personal power and confidence
Honour your word and keep your promises Fail to back up your words with actions
Be honest with yourself and honest with others Act or speak in a way that causes real harm to others
Accept people as they are and judge only their actions Act superior to others or browbeat someone weaker than yourself
Treat others with respect and candour Fail to act right because no one is watching
Let people know where you stand on important issues Don’t give of your best
Be genuine and transparent with people; don’t deceive through silence or inaction Don’t follow your own conscience
Be true to your values and purpose Don’t practise what you preach
Live up to your standards and always do the right thing Manipulate or mislead others (or yourself)
Admit and accept your own mistakes Tell white lies to look good, or to avoid looking bad
Say what you mean, and mean what you say Use bluff or bluster to get your own way
Walk your talk Pretend to be anything other than your authentic self