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Charging Your Kindle Fire HDX Battery

According to various media sources that have benchmarked Kindle Fire HDX’s performance, it has a battery life of about 11 hours for Wi-Fi–connected activities, such as web browsing, streaming movies, and listening to music from the Cloud. If you’re a bookworm who’s more into the printed word than media, you’ll be happy to hear that Amazon claims you get about 17 hours of reading downloaded books with Wi-Fi turned off.

You charge the battery by using the provided micro USB cable and power adapter. Attach the smaller end of the micro USB cable to your Kindle Fire HDX’s micro USB port, located along the top of the device when held in portrait orientation, and the other end of the micro USB cable into the power adapter, which you then plug into a wall outlet. If the Kindle Fire HDX is completely out of juice, it will take about four to six hours to charge it.

A battery indicator on the Status bar runs across the top of the Kindle Fire HD screen; you can check this to see if your battery is running low. The more white there is in the little battery icon, the more battery time you have left. The left side of the icon turns red when the battery is very low.

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