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You can change the appearance of Windows Vista through the Control Panel. The Appearance and Personalization area allows you to change the appearance of Windows Vista. As shown in this figure, you have access to the following icons:

  • Personalization: For many people, this icon is pay dirt. Choose this to splash a new picture or digital photo across your desktop, choose which screen saver kicks in when you’re away from your PC, change the colors of Vista’s window frames, and change your monitor’s screen resolution — a nifty way to pack more information onto your screen.

  • Taskbar and Start menu: Ready to add your own photo to that boring picture atop your Start menu? Want to customize the taskbar living along your desktop’s bottom edge? Those settings are available here.

  • Ease of Access Center: Designed to help people with special needs, these settings make Windows more navigable by the blind and deaf and people with other physical challenges.

  • Folder Options: Used mainly by experienced users, this area lets you add subtle tweaks to how folders look and behave.

  • Fonts: Here’s where you install new fonts to spruce up your printed work.

  • Windows Sidebar: This area lets you add gadgets to Vista’s Sidebar, that thick strip along the desktop’s right edge. Add gadgets by right-clicking a blank part of the Sidebar and choosing Add Gadgets.

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