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Coin canisters are a great way to get started with cause marketing. They’re inexpensive, and while generally a passive fundraising tool, they can raise good money and build a foundation for other cause marketing programs.

A great coin canister program has been held annually since after World War II in New England movie theaters by the Jimmy Fund, the fundraising arm of Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer. In 2010, it raised $530,000. The money is raised with coin canister collections by ushers or volunteers after moviegoers see a short trailer on the charity’s mission and services.

This charity has used many very moving trailers over the years, including one with ironworkers from a nearby construction site talking of the bond they formed with kids with cancer as they welded iron outside their hospital windows. You can view this video through this link: Jimmy Fund Video.

Coin canisters, when done well, are a visible cause marketing program that demonstrate a company’s commitment to the community and is a catalyst for discussing all the other things a business does for its favorite causes.

Coin canisters work and are a great first step for any cause marketing program.
Coin canisters work and are a great first step for any cause marketing program.
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