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Cause Marketing Success Factors: Famous Last Words

Every successful cause marketing program has Famous Last Words (FLW). Famous Last Words is the phrase you want the consumer to remember above all else. Despite what comes before or after it, these are the words they recall and respond to.

“Would you like to make a difference in the life of a sick child?”

“Can you help feed a hungry family this holiday season?”

“50 cents from the sale of this pet food will help find good homes for rescued puppies and kittens in the Los Angeles area.”

All these cause marketing messages are concise, powerful, emotional, and memorable. These examples alone are reason enough to hone your cause marketing message down to a single, memorable sentence. But here’s another: People don’t have time for a longer pitch, especially when their hands are full with diapers, milk, and cotton swabs. Shoppers want you to get to the point.

Connect with consumers emotionally and immediately and tell them what you want. Then let them go about their day. If you’ve done your job well, your Famous Last Words will motivate them to give.

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