Cashing In on Spanish Money Terms

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Although each Spanish-speaking country has its own form of currency, some words and phrases about money are the same, no matter where you travel. Here are a few Spanish words and phrases that you can take to the bank:

  • dinero en efectivo (dee-neh-roh ehn eh-fehk-tee-bvoh) (money in cash)

  • en billetes (ehn bvee-yeh-tehs) (in bills)

  • en monedas (ehn moh-neh-dahs) (in coins)

  • una moneda de oro (oo-nah moh-neh-dah deh oh-roh) (a gold coin)

  • la moneda de plata (lah moh-neh-dah deh plah-tah) (the silver coin)

  • ¿Traes algún dinero? (trah-ehs ahl-goon dee-neh-roh) (Do you have any money?)

  • ¿Tienes dinero en efectivo? (teeeh-nehs dee-neh-roh ehn eh-fehk-tee-bvoh) (Do you have cash?)

  • ¿Tiene una moneda de cincuenta centavos? (teeeh-neh oo-nah moh-neh-dah deh seen-kooehn-tah sehn-tah-bvohs) (Do you have a fifty-cent coin?)

  • No tenemos monedas. (noh teh-neh-mohs moh-neh-dahs) (We have no coins.)

  • Necesitan dos monedas de diez centavos. (neh-seh-see-tahn dohs moh-neh-dahs deh deeehs sehn-tah-bvohs) (They need two ten-cent coins.)

  • Pagamos con dos billetes de veinte pesos. (pah-gah-mohs kohn dohs bvee-yeh-tehs deh bveheen-teh peh-sohs) (We paid with two twenty-peso bills.)

  • Aquí tiene un billete de cien colones. (ah-kee teeeh-neh oon bvee-yeh-teh deh seeehn koh-loh-nehs) (Here you have a hundred colon bill.)

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The Essentials of Shopping in Spanish-Speaking Countries