To go camping on short notice with the least hassle, keep the items in the following list assembled, packed, and ready to load into your vehicle. A large plastic cargo box is a good container.

Camp tent Can opener Tablecloth
12 x 12 heavyweight blue plastic tarp Plastic cutting board First-aid kit
Sleeping pads Kitchen knives Camp soap, sponge
Camping hammock Spice kit Dishwashing basin
Duct tape, 50-foot nylon cord Barbecue tongs and fork Dishtowel, paper towels
Bungee cord assortment Serving plates and cups Resealable plastic bags, large garbage bags
No-stick skillet, large pot, small pot Knife-fork-spoon sets Folding chairs
Two-burner stove Aluminum foil Lantern, flashlight, extra batteries
Wooden matches Spatula, pot grips, oven mitts Frisbee, Nerf balls, football, playing cards, travel games
Water filter, 5-gallon water jug