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If you have a large site with heavy traffic or extensive reporting needs, free packages might not be enough. You can find hundreds of paid statistical programs by searching online. Solutions that are high-end or hosted generally offer real-time analysis. Independent or integrated social media analytics programs such as Unilyzer and Bango, provide information about visitors, stickiness, and time onsite for multiple social media channels.

The analytics program from Unilyzer offers information about multiple social media channels. [Credi
Credit: © Eman Bass, LLC Unilyzer is a registered trademark of Eman Bass, LLC
The analytics program from Unilyzer offers information about multiple social media channels.

Whether you need any of this information depends on your key performance indicators, the complexity of your site, the amount of traffic it receives (you must have enough to make statistical analysis valid), and what you would do with the information if you had it. Don’t bother collecting information for information’s sake. Stop when you have enough data to make essential business decisions.

Although it’s nice to know industry averages, the only statistics that truly matter are yours. Bear in mind that industry statistics are just as prone to error in absolute value as the stats you collect for your own site. Again, pay more attention to trends and relative values.

Bango offers analytics for mobile marketing. [Credit: Courtesy of Bango Analytics]
Credit: Courtesy of Bango Analytics
Bango offers analytics for mobile marketing.
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