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Building a Business Facebook Page

Go to Facebook Page Creation or click the link labeled Create a Page for Celebrity, Band, or Business at the bottom of the page at Facebook home page. Select which of the six types of pages you want to create, choose the appropriate category from the drop-down lists, and fill out the remaining fields.

After you agree to terms and click the Get Started link, you’re asked to log in to an existing Facebook account or create a new one. After that, you can start working on the Business Page form, such as the one shown in the following illustration.


Click the Edit Info link at the top of the page to fill out details on your business page. This page, which is accessible to others by using the Info option in the left navigation area of your Facebook page, represents a key marketing opportunity.

How you fill it out is not only an introduction to your company but also your best opportunity for search engine optimization. The Scania Group has a well-written business page, at Facebook Scania Group, as shown in the following illustration. You might want to look at their wall as well by clicking that option in the left navigation pane.

[Credit: Courtesy of Scania Group]
Credit: Courtesy of Scania Group
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