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To utilize Vine for visual social marketing campaigns, you will need the Vine mobile app. Vine videos are recorded via the Vine application on smartphones and tablets. Vine accounts can be accessed, and video created, only on applications on mobile devices that are compatible with Apple or Android. No computer-accessible version of Vine is available, though Vine videos can be shared and viewed on computers.

To get started, go to the app store for your mobile device, download the application, and create an account.

Because Vine was created by Twitter, you can use your Twitter account to sign in to Vine. The benefit of using Twitter to sign in is that your profile information is automatically transported from Twitter to Vine, making setup much quicker.

The term Vine is used both to describe the application (Vine) and the video that's created (a vine). A vine is a 6-second video that's shown on a loop, which means that it automatically repeats itself. Vine videos have sound; however, the default is for them to play without sound. Because the video is shown on a repeating loop, the sound can quickly become annoying.

Start by experimenting with creating different types of Vine videos. Vines range from short, amateur-looking videos to professional-quality, stop-motion animations captured and shared by using Vine.

Basics of the Vine Feed tab

After you log in to Vine, you see your feed (also known as your home page), which is a view of the vines that are shared by the users you follow. You also see vines that are Editors Picks, which are vines selected by the application. You can navigate to the feed by clicking the icon that looks like a house.


As you scroll down the screen, vines automatically begin to play whenever you can see them on the screen — the app has no Play or Stop buttons. To pause (or unpause) a vine, simply tap the video.

Basics of the Vine Activity tab

The Activity tab shows activity and interactions with you. On this tab, you can find notifications about new followers and interactions with your vines. On an Android device, you access the Activity tab by clicking the icon that looks like an eye. On an Apple device, you can find the tab by clicking the Home button and then clicking the Activity button.

Basics of the Vine Explore tab

The Explore tab, lets you explore and discover new vines. You can search by Popular Now or On the Rise, or by Channels or by the trending tag. This is an excellent place to discover the different types of vines, and to find inspiration for creating your own. Exploring Vine can be fun, because many Vine users are highly creative.


On Android, you access the Explore tab by clicking the icon that looks like a bell. On an Apple device, you can find it by clicking the Home button and then clicking the Explore button.

Spend some time exploring vines before starting to make your own. It's a helpful way to get a feel for the types of videos you can create.

Basics of the Vine Profile tab

The Profile tab lets you view your profile information, find people to follow, and view your posts.

On an Android device, you access the Profile section by clicking the icon that looks like a person. On an Apple device, you can find it by clicking the Home button and then clicking the Profile button.

How to use the Vine Search button

Using this search feature, you can search for users or for videos based on tags in the video.

On an Android device, the magnifying glass in the top navigation menu of Vine lets you access the Search function. On an Apple device, you can find it by clicking the Home button and then clicking the Explore button. A search box is displayed at the top of the Explore screen.

Basics of the Vine Capture Video button

The Capture Video button sits beside the Search button in the top navigation menu of Vine.

Basics of the Vine More icon

The last button in the top navigation menu is an ellipsis, represented by three dots, that provides additional menu features. On an Apple device, the More features are found by clicking on the button on the Home screen that says “Want to see more? Tap to find friends.”

The Find People option makes it easy to find users to follow. Vine can connect to the address book of your mobile phone or Twitter account to find users you can follow. This makes it easy to find and follow your friends on Vine.

You can also search for, and invite, specific users to connect with you on Vine by clicking on the magnifying glass. The next option on the More menu is to mute or unmute the audio on your application. Finally, you can access the settings of your Vine account.

From Settings, you can update your profile information, manage your password, manage privacy settings, change your notification preferences, find friends, connect with other social networks, and find support.

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