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Basics of the ChatON App on Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

One chatting app that does come with your Samsung Galaxy tablet is the ChatON app. It’s from Samsung. As such, it’s keyed into your Samsung account. Further, if you want to use the app to chat with others, they must also have Samsung accounts.

As long as all your friends have Samsung mobile devices and have all signed up for Samsung accounts, and you know all those accounts, the ChatON app works marvelously. Until then, using Google Hangouts or Skype is probably a better option.

  • It is recommended buying a good headset if you plan to use Skype often to place phone calls.

  • In addition to having to pay the per-minute cost, you may be charged a connection fee for making the call.

  • You can check the Skype website for a current list of call rates, for both domestic and international calls.

  • Unless you’ve paid Skype to have a specific phone number, the phone number shown on the recipient’s Caller ID screen is something unexpected — often, merely the text Unknown. You might therefore want to e-mail the person you’re calling and let her know that you’re placing a Skype call. That way, the call won’t be skipped because the Caller ID isn’t recognized.

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