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Basics of Squarespace Website Templates

Squarespace offers templates in several categories, which can be sorted to help you find the template that might best fit your site needs. The categories are

  • Blogging

  • Business

  • Portfolios

Each template offers a unique layout, and some offer unique features. For example, the Avenue template uses the index feature in Content Manager to automatically create an overview of pages contained in the index. You could then use this overview with thumbnail images that link to each page.

All templates have a corresponding example site you can view. Squarespace’s designers have gone to great lengths to use real (or what appears to be real) businesses, artists, and professionals to craft these websites. In this way, you see how a real website is constructed from a particular template.

Time to launch a demo. Simply do the following:

  1. Go to the Squarespace Template Page.

    On the home page, click the Template link in the main navigation.

  2. Select a template.

  3. Click the Live Preview link.

    The preview site opens as an in-page viewer.

  4. (Optional) If you want to view a larger preview site, click the preview site URL, which is next to the Start With This Design button.

    The preview site opens in a new browser window.

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