Adobe CS4, like any software, gives you menu options to open, close, and save. Menu options also enable you to import, export, and undo, in addition to other basic commands. Here's a table that shows common options and what they do.

Option How It’s Used
New Creates a new document in the native file format.
Open Opens a dialog box where you can choose a (supported) file on your hard drive or a disk to open.
Close Closes the current document; if you have unsaved changes, you’re prompted to save those changes first.
Save Saves the changes you’ve made to the current document.
Save As Saves a new copy of the current document.
Place or Import Imports a file, such as an image or a sound file, into the current document.
Export Exports the current data to a specified file format. You can sometimes select several different kinds of file formats to save the current data in.
Copy Copies the currently selected data onto the computer’s Clipboard.
Paste Pastes the data from the Clipboard into the current document.
Undo Undoes the most recent thing you did in the program.
Redo Redoes the steps that you applied the Undo command to.
Zoom In Magnifies the document so that you can view and edit the contents closely.
Zoom Out Scales the view smaller so that you can see more of the document at once.
Help Opens the help documentation for the current program.