Most network settings on the Mac's OS X operating system are automatic. If you wish, you can look at and change the default network settings by following these steps:


Choose System Preferences→ Networking.

The Network preferences page appears.


Click Advanced.

The advanced network settings are displayed.


Click the TCP/IP tab to view or change the TCP/IP settings.

This brings up the TCP/IP settings. From this page, you can view the currently assigned IP address for the computer. And, if you wish, you can assign a static IP address by changing the Configure IPv4 drop-down from Using DHCP to Manually. Then, you can enter your own IP address, subnet mask, and router address.


Click the DNS tab to view or change the DNS settings.

This brings up the DNS settings. Here, you can see the DNS servers being used, and you can add additional DNS servers if you wish.


Click the Hardware tab to view hardware information.

This brings up the settings page shown. The most useful bit of information on this tab is the MAC address, which is sometimes needed to set up wireless security.