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Base Your PowerPoint 2007 Chart on Different Data

If you have an existing PowerPoint chart, you can click the Edit Data Source button in the Data group of the PowerPoint Design tab to change the data that your chart is based on. When you click this button, you’re escorted over to Excel, and the Edit Source Data dialog box displays.

The Edit Data Source dialog box.
The Edit Data Source dialog box.

This dialog box lets you do three basic tasks:

  • Change the range. Change the range of data used for the chart.

  • Switch row/column. Switch rows and columns.

  • Modify ranges and series.

    Play with the individual ranges that contain the data for each series, add a new series, edit the range used for an existing series, delete a series, or change the order in which the series are presented.

To change the data values on which a chart is based, click the Source Data button in the Data group of the Design tab. Excel launches and displays the chart data. Make changes. Click anywhere in the PowerPoint window to return to PowerPoint. The chart is updated to reflect your changes.

If a chart is linked to a separate Excel workbook, you can update the chart to reflect any changes that have been made to the underlying data. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Click the chart to select it.

    The Ribbon expands to include three Chart Tools tabs.

  2. Click the Design tab on the Ribbon.

  3. Click the Refresh button in the Data group.

    The chart is updated with the data from the underlying Excel workbook.

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