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Aviation Selection Test Battery (ASTB)

The current ASTB (formally known as the Navy/Marine Corps/Coast Guard Aviation Selection Test Battery) comes in three versions. Each test contains different questions but has the same six-subtest format and takes approximately two and a half hours (including administrative time) to complete. Calculators aren’t permitted. The six subtests are as follows:

The ASTB Test
Subtest # of items Time
1. Math Skills Test (MST) 30 25 minutes
2. Reading Skills Test (RST) 27 25 minutes
3. Mechanical Comprehension Test (MCT) 30 15 minutes
4. Spatial Apperception Test (SAT) 25 10 minutes
5. Aviation and Nautical Information Test (ANIT) 30 15 minutes
6. Aviation Supplemental Test (AST) 34 25 minutes

The Aviation Selection Test Battery is generally administered in a standard paper format; however, a limited number of testing locations offer a web-based test called APEX (short for Automated Pilot Examination). Depending on where you take the ASTB, you may or may not take the APEX version of the test.

You can take the ASTB only three times (once on each version). In order to retake the test, you must wait until the 31st day following your first try; you can take your third and final attempt following the 91st day after the initial test. For example, if you take your first test on June 1, you can try again on July 2.

To make a third attempt, you have to wait until August 31. Any test taken outside these restrictions (say you take test three on the 90th day after the first test, or you retake a version you’ve already taken) is considered an illegal test; an illegal test counts against your three-test lifetime limit but doesn’t count as a scorable test.

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