An online business needs to know how to triangulate its customers (that is, to connect with customers from multiple entry points on the Internet). Doing so will help broaden its customer base, boost its search engine optimization (SEO) results, and make more money.

Triangulate your online business by maximizing your blog, your website, your Twitter and Facebook pages, and the storefronts you have on specialty marketplaces. These components drive traffic to one another and drive customers to your products and services. Each performs a function and helps you achieve a core business goal.

By writing down goals, such as the ones in this table , you can decide what to tackle first and how to do it:

Goal Type of Online Presence What to Do
Have a home base from which you can promote all your storefronts and your products Website Create a business name and logo and find a host for your website, then talk about your background and expertise.
Keep up with customers and build loyalty with giveaways and other promotions Social Media Start a business Facebook page (separate from your personal Facebook page) on which you announce sales and other promotions.
Keep up a blog Website Resolve to post on your own blog on a regular basis and respond to all of the customer comments or inquiries you receive.
Reach niche customers who are passionate about specialty items Storefronts Find marketplaces that specialize in the types of items you sell or that sell general merchandise and are likely to bring you customers.
Give customers a way to talk back to you and to one another Social media, a blog Create a WordPress blog and allow comments, or interact with your customers or followers on Facebook and Twitter.