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Asking about Hotel Parking in Spanish

If you plan to stay in a Spanish hotel, finding a place to park your car, if you have one, is important, especially where parking spaces are limited, as they tend to be in the beautiful colonial downtown areas of Latin American cities.

More often than not, a hotel attendant is at the door to help you, taking care of your vehicle while you go inside. Consider the following conversation between a prospective hotel guest and the hotel receptionist.


Buenas tardes, ¿tiene estacionamiento para mi auto?
bvoo-eh-nahs tahr-dehs teeeh-neh ehs-tah-seeoh-nah-meeehn-toh pah-rah mee ahoo-toh
Good afternoon, do you have parking for my car?


Sí. Hay estacionamiento. Está en el portón al lado de este. Ya van a abrirle.
see ahy ehs-tah-seeoh-nah-meeehn-toh. ehs-tah ehn ehl pohr-tohn ahl lah-doh deh ehs-the. yah bvahn ah ah-bvreer-leh
Yes, there’s parking. It’s at the large door, next to this one. They’re going to open it for you now.


Gracias. Espero afuera.
grah-seeahs ehs-peh-roh ah-fooeh-rah
Thanks. I’ll wait outside.
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