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Sometimes negative situations arise because the online community manager can’t be everywhere at once. Bigger online communities need someone on hand at all times, especially if it has a history of members sniping at each other.

When Demand Media Studios, a popular writing community with thousands of members, experienced regular fighting and pettiness among its online community members, they appointed several moderators from within the community. Demand Media Studios identified the most positive, productive members of the community, recruited them to volunteer as peer moderators to help keep the peace while the community manager was handling other things.

By appointing community peers as moderators, DMS showed their community the following:

  • Its members are all equals.

  • DMS cares about having a community that gets along.

  • Even though the community manager is off planning an offline promotion or community charity project, someone is still there to make sure that they all get along. People, especially grownups, groan when they learn they’re going to have to abide by rules and regulations. The truth is there are rules of etiquette and proper behavior everywhere we go. An online community is no different.

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