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Adobe Edge Animate offers many, many formatting and animating options. You can easily use background color for elements and add a border to elements. You can even animate the background color to transition from one color to another. In the same regard, you can animate the borders as well.

Adobe Edge Animate CC has a few different options for using color, some of which are quite powerful. You can add background color to drawn elements such as rectangles and ellipses, but you can't add background color to text boxes or images. You can also add color to borders — as well as format and animate the border to appear solid, dashed, or dotted.

You can add colors in two ways: by using the Eyedropper tool to sample colors from the Stage or by setting RGBa, Hex, or HSLa numeric values. In addition, Animate boasts a robust Color Gradient tool with many options. You can find the Color properties in the Properties panel when you have a drawn element (other than a text box) selected, as shown.

Color properties in the Properties Panel.
Color properties in the Properties Panel.

To apply background color or a border to a text box, simply place a rectangle with a colored background or formatted border behind the text box, as shown in this figure.

Place a colored rectangle behind a text box to provide background color.
Place a colored rectangle behind a text box to provide background color.
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