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Apply Boldface, Italics, Lists, and Indenting in Dreamweaver

You can assign boldface, italics, unordered (bulleted) or ordered (numbered) lists, and add or remove indenting (blockquote) using the icons in the Dreamweaver Properties Inspector. You can get help from hover-activated tooltips if necessary.

Unordered lists are bullet lists, and ordered lists are numbered lists. You can apply either unordered list tags or ordered list tags by clicking the Unordered List button or the Ordered list button (just to the right of the Unordered List button), respectively.

Creating an unordered list in the Properties Inspector.
Creating an unordered list in the Properties Inspector.

You can apply a blockquote tag (that indents text) to any selected paragraph or set of paragraphs by clicking the Blockquote button in the Properties Inspector (the right-most of the set of small buttons). You remove blockquotes using the button to the left of the Blockquote button.

Formatting buttons in the Properties Inspector.
Formatting buttons in the Properties Inspector.

The easily recognizable “B” button applies boldface (technically speaking, the HTML <strong> tag) to selected text, while the “I” button applies italics (the HTML <em> — short for emphasis — tag).

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