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Someday you may lose your Samsung Galaxy Tab. It might be for a panic-filled few seconds, or it might be for forever. The hardware solution is to weld a heavy object to the Tab, such as a bowling ball or furnace, yet that kind of defeats the entire mobile/wireless paradigm. The software solution is to use a cell phone locator service.

Even though the Samsung Galaxy Tab isn’t a cell phone, you can use the same apps that cell phones use to help find a wayward Galaxy Tab. Those apps use the cellular signal as well as the Galaxy Tab’s GPS to help locate a missing gizmo.

Many apps available on the Android Market can help locate your Samsung Galaxy Tab. Here are some suggestions:

Most of these services require that you set up a web page account to assist in locating your Samsung Galaxy Tab. They also enable services that send updates to the Internet. The updates assist in tracking your Galaxy Tab, in case it becomes lost or is stolen.

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