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Allow Reflection Time and Self-Criticism after Each Study Session

Always leave some reflection time after each study session, especially if you are writing. Sleep on it and reread what you have written the next day. In that way, you can be your own critic. Some parts will seem brilliant and other parts will clearly need more explanation and examples than you have given.

You will even wonder yourself what on earth you were on about – and get some idea of how your reader might react. Everybody can make mistakes, especially when tired, so reflection can help you to weed out silly errors.

After several hours or longer, you have to reconstruct what you have written from cold, and you will notice more easily if something is wrong and can either leave it out or find something else to add in.

Give yourself time as well to absorb and reflect on feedback from your classmates and from your tutor, if you can get some before the hand-in date. This is to help you fully appreciate the points they have made.

If you’ve managed to use a framework form, then you will know which parts or sections you don’t have to worry about and which you can improve. Again, sleep on it to help absorb what they’ve said. You don’t have to agree with it, but seeing things from their perspective can help you argue your case better.

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