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Because nanotechnology is such a hot field, employers may have to scramble to fill their ranks with qualified people. Your company might consider creating a partnership with a nearby college to ensure that you are on the spot when qualified grads come along. You might also think about setting up internships for local students and connecting with local high school classes to plant the seed for future workers.

Some employment services specialize in scientific workers, such as The Science Job and Physics Today, and some focus entirely on nano, such as Tiny Tech Jobs. Many online employment sites allow you to post job descriptions to try to reach potential employees either for free or for a fee.


Consider attending nanotechnology conferences — such as the International Conference on Nanotechnology run by IEEE or Nanomaterials, a European conference focused on manufacturing and nanomaterials — to make connections.

But don’t overlook those already in your employ. For example, engineers and scientists are trained to be able to learn new technologies and apply them. If you have somebody with engineering background performing one type of job, consider asking that person if he or she is interested in taking on a new job with a nanotechnology focus. Sometimes nanotechnology skills can be simply picked up on the job.

Optionally, you might assign a mentor, send the employee to a conference or workshop, or even underwrite a few classes in nanotechnology at a local or online college.

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