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In the not-so-distant past, businesses struggled with multimedia messaging services (MMS) to provide static display ads on mobile phones. Now that full HTML browsers are used on smartphones and tablets, all forms of online advertising, from PPC to banners and video ads (but not Flash), are easily implemented.

Given the 2 percent click-through rate on smartphones (compared to 0.5 percent online), mobile display advertising is hot-hot-hot. eMarketer estimates that spending on mobile advertising (encompassing search, display, and SMS ads) will grow nearly 50 percent to top $1 billion in 2011.

Google sorts out the advertising options succinctly at Google Adwords. Feature phones and PDAs with mobile browsers run specially formatted mobile text PPC ads (two lines of text with 12 to 18 characters apiece, plus a display URL with an optional click-to-call button), as shown in the illustration below.

Users tap the PPC ad at the top of each screen to reach the next line of the message, culminating w
Credit: Courtesy of Google, Inc.
Users tap the PPC ad at the top of each screen to reach the next line of the message, culminating with the phone number.

More information about mobile image ads can be accessed at Google Adwords WAP policies and Google Adwords Mobile Image ads for more information about mobile image ads. Full HTML browsers on mobile devices show regular PPC and display ads on partner sites for the major search engines.

Adjust the display ad settings in your campaigns to fit your needs. Of course, mobile ads can also be served by way of ad networks or individually negotiated ad contracts on the destination sites of your choice.

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