The Page Break Preview feature in Excel 2007 enables you to spot page break problems in an instant as well as fix them, such as when the program wants to split onto different pages information that you know should always appear on the same page.

Follow these steps to use Page Break Preview to adjust page breaks:


Click the Page Break Preview button on the View tab.

You also can click the Page Break Preview button (the third one in the cluster of three to the left of the Zoom slider) on the Status bar.


Click OK to remove the Welcome to Page Break Preview alert dialog box.

Before you click OK, you have the option to tell Excel not to show you that dialog box again.


Position the mouse pointer on the page break indicator (one of the blue lines surrounding the page) that you need to adjust; when the pointer changes to a double-headed arrow, drag the page break indicator to the desired position and release the mouse button.

Excel adjusts the display based on the new location of the page break.


Repeat Step 3 as necessary. After you finish adjusting the page breaks in Page Break Preview, click the Normal button on the View tab.

Excel returns the worksheet to its regular view of the data.

You can also insert your own manual page break at the cell cursor’s position by selecting Breaks→Insert Page Break on the Page Layout tab, and remove them by selecting Breaks→Remove Page Break on the Breaks menu. To remove all manual page breaks that you’ve inserted into a report, select Breaks→Reset All Page Breaks on the View tab.