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Adding Customer Feedback to Your Business Website

Feedback from your customers and prospects keeps your website, and your business, on track. Feedback helps you identify problems that need to be fixed immediately and garner ideas for new products, features, and services. Listening beats apologizing any day!

Let your customers know about your thoughtful changes by way of e-mail newsletters or on your site. Some companies go even further than personalizing items, encouraging their customers to submit, and sometimes vote on, product designs for everything from shoes to soda labels and T-shirts.

Your customers and prospects are the best experts at closing the marketing circle! You have lots of ways, online and off, to let your customers do the talking:

  • Add a survey to your website.

  • Ask viewers what they think on every page with a Feedback tab like the one at Get Satisfaction. Clicking the Feedback tab opens a dialog box that can contain comments, ideas, or complaints. A slightly different approach, from HTML Comment Box, posts a balloon-style note on the site.

  • Review comments and suggestions about your site that are sent to the webmaster.

  • Tally customer service requests for products or problems with order fulfillment.

  • Drop in to your blog, message board, or chat room at random times to see what’s happening.

  • Make it easy for customers to send you new product ideas or comments on current offerings.

  • If you allow reviews on your own site, read them.

Feedback can be viral, too, especially the negative kind. After your problems are posted on the web, especially via social media, you’re exposed forever. Be proactive.

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