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If you’ve decided you want to sell products online through your Drupal site, the Ubercart module is an easy-to-use, robust option. You can have your items online in minutes, complete with a shopping cart and an online order form that collects the necessary customer information.

At their most basic, online storefronts are made up of products for sale, a shopping cart, and a form that a customer can use to provide information and purchase items by placing them (virtually) in his or her cart:

  • Product listings: An individual page with product information and a button for the shopper to click to add an item to her cart.

  • Shopping cart: A form that displays all the products a user has clicked to purchase.

  • Order form: A form the shopper fills out to finish making his order. It collects information and saves it for processing.

The following shows a basic storefront with product listings.


Storefronts can have lots of other features. Take a look at the Amazon.com website.


Amazon.com includes these additional e-commerce features:

  • User accounts: To buy something from Amazon, you can set up an account. Amazon saves your address and credit card information so you don't need to provide it each time you buy something.

  • Order tracking: Along with having an account, you can log in to view the status of orders you’ve placed.

  • Wish lists: If you want to save an item listing so you can find it again later but not purchase it right away, you can save it in a wish list.

  • Product catalogs: This is a collection of product listings grouped into categories.

The Ubercart module allows you to easily implement all these functionalities, with the exception of wish lists.

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