The regular expression mechanism adds extremely powerful searching tools to your programming. Here are some of the most commonly used regular expressions as they are used in JavaScript.

Operator Description Sample pattern matches Doesn’t match
. (period) Any single character except newline . E \n
^ Beginning of string ^a apple Banana
$ End of string a$ banana Apple
[characters] Any of a list of characters in braces [abcABC] A D
[char range] Any character in the range [a-zA-Z] F 9
\d Any single numerical digit \d\d\d-\d\d\d\d 123-4567 The-thing
\b A word boundary \bthe\b the Theater
+ One or more occurrences of the previous character \d+ 1234 Text
* Zero or more occurrences of the previous character [a-zA-Z]d* B17, g 7
{digit} Repeat preceding character digit times \d{3}-\d{4} 123-4567 999-99-9999
{min, max} Repeat preceding character at least min but not more than max times .{2,4} Ca, com, info watermelon
(pattern segment) Store results in pattern memory returned with code ^(.).*\1$ gig, wallow Bobby