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What's a DVD without some music? You can add music to your iDVD projects from your MacBook. Most of the Apple-supplied themes already have their own background music, so you might not even need to add music to your DVD Menu. However, if you want to change the existing background music (or if your DVD Menu currently doesn’t have any music), adding your own audio to the current Menu is child’s play!

  1. Click the Media button.

  2. Click the Audio tab to reveal the musical Shangri-La.

  3. Drag an audio file from the iTunes playlist or GarageBand folder display and drop it on the Menu background.

    iDVD accepts every sound format that you can use for importing and encoding in iTunes: AIFF, MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, and WAV audio files.

  4. Click the Motion button to watch your DVD Menu animation cycle set to the new background audio.

  5. Click the Motion button again to stop the animation and return to serious work.

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