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Add a New Site to with iWeb from Your MacBook

Add a New iWeb Page from Your MacBook

You can add new pages to your iWeb-created sites directly from your MacBook. For example, you can add Photo and About Me pages to the new site you’ve created. You also can edit these pages to personalize them.

If you have multiple sites in your Site Organizer list, click the top-level heading for the desired site to select it. You can add pages by

  • Clicking the Add Page button on the toolbar at the bottom of the iWeb window

  • Choosing File→New Page

  • Pressing Command+N

  • Control-clicking or right-clicking the site header in the Site Organizer and clicking New Page

Want to start with an existing page as a basis for a new page? Right-click that page entry in the Site Organizer and choose Duplicate. iWeb creates a new page with exactly the same contents and adds it to the site.

Pages are listed under the main site heading in outline format, making it easy to expand or collapse a site by clicking the familiar rotating triangle icon next to the site heading. (Apple calls these disclosure triangles. Wowzers!)

Deleting a page — or a whole site, for that matter — is easy in iWeb. Right-click the offending page or site heading in the Site Organizer and choose Delete Page/Delete Site. Note that iWeb doesn’t prompt you for confirmation here, so these aren’t commands to toy with.

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