Activity Stream Drupal Module

Activity Stream is a Drupal module that lets you publish your social media content on your own website. With Activity Stream, every time you Twitter, post a link on Digg, or receive a Facebook notification, you can view that information on your Drupal site. Many add-on modules for popular social media sites and services extend the Activity Stream module. Here are a few of them:

  • Facebook: The current front-runner in the social media wars.

  • YouTube: Post video streams directly from YouTube.

  • Qik: Allows you to share live video from your mobile phone.

  • A Twitter-like status update site with a few more features.

  • Blogger: Online blogging service.

  • Goodreads: A place to research and compare notes on books.

  • IMDB: All about movies and entertainment information.

Each registered user on your site can have his own set of activity streams. By default, they appear under the user profile section.

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