If you have so many social media platforms that it's difficult to keep up with all of them, then consider a social media management tool. In fact, one is probably essential to keep your brand content consistent across all the sites.

Here are a few social media management tools to help you get control over your little piece of real estate on the Internet.

  • HootSuite makes it easy to manage multiple profiles across multiple social media sites.

  • Nimble makes it possible to manage your e-mail, contacts, social media messages, and more all in one central dashboard.

  • SproutSocial provides social media management.

  • JustUnFollow is a Twitter service that can help you manage the people you follow as well as those who follow you back.

  • Fake Follow checks whether your followers, or anyone else's, are using fake accounts on Twitter.

  • Wildfire is for managing social media promotions and giveaways.

  • AgoraPulse, a Facebook management and analytics tool, is for advanced users who want to build apps for friends or customers to use.