Though a dog can recognize up to 165 different commands, or words, your goals need not be so lofty. Here are six directions that are most useful for navigating your life together. After you have these directions firmly planted in your dog's memory bank, they form the foundation for controlling your dog's behavior. Their use reassures your dog of her place in your family and her vital inclusion in your world.

Word Cue Daily Uses
Follow When walking about town or off your property, or to encourage attention in your home
Wait-okay To get your dog to stop and check in before entering or exiting your home or new buildings, as well as when you cross the street and approach stairs
No (and other derivations, such as Not now, Leave it, Don't think about it) To alert your dog that any given impulse is not in her best interest (for example, stealing food, chasing an object or animal, and so on)
Stay Enforces impulse to control; ideally used when you need your dog to be still or to relax
Down (and Settle down) Directs your dog into a submissive, relaxed pose or to her bed
Come The human phrase equivalent of the word "Huddle"