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There are many benefits of written requests for raises, promotions, internal jobs, and lateral moves within a current place of employment. But there are so many other ways to use documents to your advantage in a modern workplace without specifically requesting a job move.

Whether your message is good, not-so-good, or neutral, present it in a positive light. Here are five categories with document examples.

  • Keeping management current with status reports and time targets. Examples:

    • a project status summary

    • request for project deadline extension

  • Aiding company with risk management issues. Example:

    • request for additional security guards

  • Showing you follow company policies and procedures. Examples:

    • request for employer’s consent to moonlight

    • request for clarification of non-compete agreement

    • request for clarification of company overtime pay rules

    • rules for use of company credit card

    • request to see your HR file

  • Assuring management you take performance evaluations seriously. Example:

    • concrete plan to improve your performance

  • Confirming you’re a team builder by introducing top talent. Example:

    • recommendation of candidate to company hiring authority

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