If you think that you may be depressed, don't despair. Lots of help is available. Here are some sources you can consult to treat depression:

  • Your family doctor.

    Ask for a complete physical. Sometimes depression is the result of another medical problem.

  • Mental health professionals.

    See a counselor, psychologist, or therapist after you rule out other physical causes for your low mood. They can competently diagnose and treat your depression.

  • Psychiatrists.

    These physicians have specialized training in the treatment of depression and other mental disorders. They typically focus on the use of medication and other biologically based treatments.

  • The Internet.

    WebMD and the American Psychological Association are especially informative sites with useful, user-friendly information about depression. Just remember that the Internet can't replace professional help.

  • Books.

    Visit your library. You can't read too much about the problem.