“Entertainment” means a lot of different things to different people, and so this list includes several kinds of apps. Many of these apps were written for the iPad. Some — known as hybrid apps — were written to run as native apps on both the iPad and iPhone (or iPod touch). Hybrid apps have the advantage of allowing you to buy once and use on whatever iOS device you have.

Seline Ultimate

$1.99 — Hybrid

Seline Ultimate (by Amidio Inc.) is one of the first musical instrument apps that takes a totally new approach to turning your iPad into an instrument. Seline plays on an interface designed from the ground up for the iPad, called ioGrid. It allows you to play melodies with your hands while automatically generated backing tracks drone underneath what you’re playing. The app has two effects and 20 main instrument voices (plus nine drone voices); you can record what you play.

Movies by Flixster

Free — Hybrid

Look up a movie to get critic and viewer reviews, photos and information about the cast and director, and even showtimes in theaters near you. A great thing about the Movies by Flixster app is that it shows a map to theaters. Tap a link to go to Rotten Tomatoes, the review site run by Flixster.

IMDb Movies & TV

Free — Hybrid

With IMDb Movies & TV on your iPad, you get an enormous amount of data about TV and movies on an interface that’s far superior to the service’s browser-based home. Although the IMDb app takes you to the website if you ask it to, it’s easier to use the context-oriented menus and buttons on the iPad than it is to click around in a browser on your computer.

Marvel Comics

Free — Hybrid

If you’re a big fan of comic books, this app (by Marvel Entertainment) provides you with a way to download and navigate hundreds of Marvel Comics. You can choose a guided view that gives you one panel at a time through a comic, or device controls that allow you to move around and through pages of comic books. If you download a comic, its data will update automatically without you having to perform an update to the app. This app has been updated for iOS 7.

Gravilux and Uzu

$1.99 each — Hybrid

Gravilux (by Scott Studio) and Uzu (by Colordodge Labs) are two particle visualizers for the iPad.

With Gravilux, you “draw with stars” as your finger becomes the very embodiment of gravity itself. Where you touch your iPad’s screen, the stars must react to your immense gravitational pull.

With Uzu, particles careen around on your screen, but they obey rules and patterns according to how many fingers touch it. (There are ten sets of parameters for up to ten fingers, not all of which have to be your own.)