The web shares lots of information about personal finance, small business, and tax accounting that Quicken users can appreciate. If you're a small business owner, investor, and or person just beginning your research, however, you may not be sure which websites offer the most up-to-date and dependable information.

Here are five sites that provide reliable, useful information:

Site Why It’s Useful
Social Security Administration The Social Security Administration website lets you estimate your future benefits. (Despite what you sometimes here people say, Social Security will “be there” for future generations. But benefits will probably be scaled back for at least some recipients, which you can read more about at the Social Security Administration’s website.
Bogleheads Basically, the online fan club for Vanguard Group founder John Bogle, this great forum provides tons of investment planning and record-keeping advice—all influenced by a strong belief in the superiority of a passive, low-cost investing
Quicken Find lots of stuff for users, all from the maker of Quicken — Intuit. Note that if you register at the site, you also gain additional functionality within the Quicken program. For example, you can usually download stock price information for free.
The IRS Most people by now know that the IRS website provides downloadable forms and informational booklets. What some people don’t know, however, is that it also provides access to U.S. tax law (both the Internal Revenue Code and the Treasury Regulations).
Evergreen Small Business This author of Quicken 2014 For Dummies has posted several hundred pages of small business, personal financial planning, and tax-related information, including free downloadable copies of many of his old (but still useful) books.