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4 Reasons Why Micro-Entrepreneurs Need a Web Presence

Most businesses wouldn’t think twice about whether to have a website or not, but as a micro-entrepreneur, you may be wondering a website is worth the trouble, given the small size of your micro-entrepreneurial business. Creating a business website is no longer the hassle it once was, however, and having a web presence pays so many dividends, that you may already have no doubts that you want to create one.

In case you need convincing however, here are a four reasons why every micro-entrepreneur should have a website:

  • Your website is a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week salesperson. Both your existing customers and anyone considering doing business with you (prospects, partners, vendors, and so on) will need to know who you are, what you offer, and why they should do business with you. A well-designed website provides all these reasons.

  • Your website is an inexpensive customer service and support arm of your business. If people need answers about the technical features of your product, directions to your office, or details about your money-back guarantee, your website can save you time and effort. Furthermore, websites offer many other vital services that cost you next to nothing.

  • Your website can save you money. Before the Internet, prospects called you for more information. Now they can be directed to the website for full information, saving you printing, mailing, and other related costs.

  • Your website allows you to compete with your competitors. When your customers look for you on the Internet, your website lets them know that you’re here to stay and that you’re serious about your business.

In your particular business, you may be able to do business without a website. If so, make sure you still have a web presence, such as with a blog or Facebook page. If you want to grow your enterprise, however, you really should have a website because it offers much potential to help you grow.

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