Want to save time working with the Quicken 2009 program? Consider using and memorizing a handful of the keyboard shortcuts listed in the table here. Learning to use Quicken keyboard shortcuts — although a bit of memorization work upfront — usually pays back rich dividends in the form of data-entry time savings.

Shortcut Why You Need to Remember This
Ctrl+S Displays the Split Transaction window (so you can use more than one category to describe a payment or deposit).
Shift+Delete Cuts out the selected text in a field and moves it to the Windows Clipboard (so you can paste it into some other field).
Ctrl+Insert Copies the selected text in a field to the Windows Clipboard (so you can paste it into some other field).
Shift+Insert Pastes what is on the Clipboard into the selected field.
Ctrl+P Prints the contents of the active window. (Well, almost always.)
F1 For those times when you just have to say, "Aaagh! Help! Help!"
Ctrl+O Lets you open another Quicken data file.
Crtl+I To insert a transaction.
Crtl+M To memorize a transaction.
Ctrl+K Displays the financial calendar.
Ctrl+B Puts you on the fast track to backing up your data.
Crtl+G To go to a specific date.
Ctrl+A Displays the Accounts List window.
Ctrl+W Displays the Write Checks window.
Ctrl+L Displays the tag list.
Ctrl+T Displays the memorized transactions list.
Ctrl+J Displays the scheduled transactions list.
Ctrl+U Displays the Portfolio View window.
Ctrl+Y Displays the security list.
Ctrl+H Displays the Loans window.