Blogs employ a range of styles, from subtle elegance to vivid bursts of color. Each blog in this list stays true to a consistent design, complete with little design details that give each of these blogs that extra wow factor. By studying what makes these blogs work, you can make your blog a standout.


Joy the Baker

The Joy the Baker uses a monochromatic blog design that features various shades of pink. The design uses familiar shapes like circles, triangles, lines, and hearts as beautiful design elements throughout the blog.


Go See Write

Go See Write features a font and illustrations reminiscent of an art deco style and the days of grand travel. Having a navigation menu within the header graphic adds a nice twist on the typical menu bar.


Nom Nom Paleo

Nom Nom Paleo forgoes a header, instead prominently featuring a logo at the top of the sidebar. The cartoon image of Michelle appears throughout her blog, adding a recognizable and repetitive element to the design. Michelle adds surprise to the design by allowing her cartoon images to display speak bubbles when a visitor runs their mouse over them.


Say Yes to Hoboken

The header for Say Yes to Hoboken is clean and simple, using bright, cheerful colors that avoids being overwhelming by serving up plenty of white space. The sidebar navigation provides quick access to the blog’s featured tutorials and common items such as About Me.


Alex Beadon

The design of Alex Beadon’s blog commands your attention with its vivid colors and impactful font. Each blog post features an eye-popping image with large graphical elements and a picture of Alex that builds brand recognition. On the sidebar, each main category is elegantly highlighted using a simple bar at the top, image underneath, with an action statement overlaid on the picture.


Los Angeles, I’m Yours

Los Angeles, I’m Yours features a minimal design with a vast amount of white space, allowing images to pop. The design features a large main image of the most recent post with two right sidebars of different widths that utilize space wisely.

When you click a blog post, the first sidebar vanishes to make way for a large main image that sweeps across most of the page, making a big impact. Underneath the image, the space splits into the actual blog post and a conveniently located space that encourages reader interaction.


Rage Against the Minivan

Rage Against the Minivan’s design has changed, but it originally featured earthy colors, with pops of green that draw your eyes to the header and individual family shots in the sidebar. Torn paper strips, crinkled paper, tape, staples, and safety pins all make this blog feel handmade and welcoming.


What I Wore

What I Wore features photos of Jessica’s daily outfits that contrast nicely with the neutral background. Each post features a photo of Jessica wearing the outfit, and a circle design element highlighting a tip. In the sidebar is a gallery that lets you search for outfits by color.



Butter utilizes bright yellow that fits the blog name and adds pop throughout the design. An endearing element of this blog is its hand-drawn buttons for blog categories.


The Everywhereist

The header design of Everywhereist draws you in right away with the red blog name and dark gray travel landmarks that make it clear this blog is about traveling without being cliché.

The gridded background in the header reminds you of a map, and the icon above the “I” in the blog name is a symbolic reference to a pin on a map. Stamp borders outline the navigation menu tabs in the header and the e-mail list field in the footer.