Things can change quickly in the world of online genealogy. So how do you keep in the loop on all of the new sites and resources? Following are ten sites that you might want to bookmark to stay informed on what's going on in genealogy.


Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

Perhaps one of the oldest sources of news on the genealogy community is Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter. You can read the newsletter online or you can choose to receive free daily updates through e-mail.

The newsletter comes in two forms — the free Standard Edition and the subscription Plus Edition. The free edition includes press releases, book reviews, and articles about what's happening in the genealogy industry — not necessarily only online resources. The Plus Edition contains more in-depth articles on how-to topics.

To get an idea of what's included in either edition, go to the blog. Any article with a (+) symbol in front of it requires a subscription. Anything else is freely available.


Family Tree Magazine

The Family Tree Magazine website is the companion to the print magazine published by F+W Media. The site contains blogs, some getting-started articles, a list of websites, and a research toolkit that includes forms and worksheets that you can use in your research. If you want more interactive communication, the site includes podcasts, webinars, and training videos.

3 Genealogy's Genealogy page has a regular blog that focuses on how-to articles. The articles fall into topics such as starting a family tree, genealogy by country or ethnicity, databases and records, DNA and genetics, education and tutorials, famous family trees, help and networking, heraldry and arms, historical research, photos and scrapbooking, relatives and reunions, software and tools, and writing and publishing.


The Ancestry Insider

The Ancestry Insider is a blog that reports on news surrounding the and FamilySearch websites. Keep in mind that the blog is reflective of the authors’ feelings on both sites, but it is a way to keep up to date on what's going on with both sites.



DearMYRTLE has been providing genealogy advice since 1995. Her current blog features how-to articles and news about the genealogical world. DearMYRTLE also has webinars and a YouTube channel that's linked from the site.


Genealogy Gems

The Genealogy Gems website contains a blog about various genealogy happenings, free podcasts, and links to its YouTube channel. There's also a premium subscription that allows members access to special podcasts, the podcast archives, and video recordings of the author's classes.


The Genealogy Guys Podcast

The Genealogy Guys site takes pride in being the longest-running, regularly produced genealogy podcast. The podcasts come out about once a month and contain news about the genealogy world and answers listener's e-mails.


The Genetic Genealogist

As you might suspect, The Genetic Genealogist's blog focuses on news related to the use of DNA analysis in genealogy. The blog looks at how to use DNA techniques with traditional genealogy and also includes articles on the developing area of personal genomics. Also included on the site are product reviews of the various DNA testing services that cater to genealogists.



NARAtions is the blog of the United States National Archives. You can get an insider look at what's going on with records at the Archives and see blogs on the contents of particular record groups. Also available are tips on using the National Archives website for research.



GeneaBloggers is a site that attempts to keep track of the many genealogical blogs. From the front page, you can see the latest topics in various blogs. If you're interested in starting your own blog, the site has some helpful hints and daily blogging prompts that can provide ideas for what to cover in your blog.

For a list of almost 3,000 blogs, see the Genealogy Blog Roll section of the site.