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iPod nano 5th Generation: Using Live Pause and iTunes Tagging

With the iPod nano 5th Generation, you can pause live radio for up to 15 minutes and tag your favorite songs for downloading later. The Live Pause feature on the iPod nano works the same way a DVR or TiVO [more…]

How to Use iTunes for Social Networking

iTunes allows you to use your iPod touch or iPhone to stay in touch with your connections on all kinds of social networks, including Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter: [more…]

Ten Impressive iPhone Sports Apps

iPhone sports apps are among the thousands of mobile device applications available in the iTunes App Store. Whether you get in the game with a free app, or you pay to play, the following apps are bound [more…]

Ten Awesome Free iPhone Apps

The iTunes App Store offers lots of free apps among its ever-growing inventory of entertaining and informative mobile applications. Make the most of your iPhone or iPod touch experience with these fantastic [more…]

Convertbot iPhone App Tops among Conversion Tools

Convertbot is a comprehensive, easy-to-use downloadable app for your iPhone or iPod touch; the mobile app features a beautiful and extremely customizable interface. You can have unit conversions of all [more…]

Musée du Louvre Free iPhone App Tours "The Louvre"

If you’re interested in art or French history and architecture (including all the gilded gaudiness of royal excess in the 18th and 19th centuries), the Musée de Louvre mobile app is a great way to see [more…]

Using the Kindle App for iPhone and iPod Touch

A number of e-reader applications are available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but the big advantage of the Kindle application is its ability to synchronize your Kindle with the iPhone or iPod Touch automatically [more…]

Track Stocks with Free Bloomberg iPhone App

If you want to watch your stocks but don’t have an E*Trade or other online brokerage account, you may want to consider Bloomberg, the self-titled app from the Bloomberg wire service. This cost-free app [more…]

Urbanspoon iPhone App Helps You Pick a Restaurant

The basic idea of the free Urbanspoon app is to offer various cuisines, price points, and neighborhoods on slot machine reels. Shake your iPhone (or push the Shake button), and you get a random suggestion [more…]

MusicID with Lyrics Puts You in Tune with Musical Artists

Ever hear a song on the radio, on television, in a store, or at a club and wonder what it’s called or who is singing it? With MusicID with Lyrics, you may never wonder again. Just launch the [more…]

White Noise iPhone App Sounds Good!

White Noise is one of those apps that you’ll really appreciate when you need it. Its raison d’être is to provide background noise for you, something a lot of people want or need when they’re going to sleep [more…]

Using Objective-C Operators

Objective-C operators, like those in other programming languages, let you perform operations on variables (hence the name). Objective-C provides many operators, and keeping track of all of them can be [more…]

Using Delegates with Views and Other Classes

When you create iPhone applications, you use delegates to implement application-specific behavior for “generic” views or classes. The table includes all known available delegates used in iPhone application [more…]

Handy iPhone Photography Apps

With over 3,000 iPhone photography apps to choose from, you might ask which ones are vital. The following two iPhone apps are both useful and easy to use and can help you get just the photo you want. [more…]

How to Organize Your iPhone 4's Icons into Folders

Finding the single iPhone app you want to use among a sea of apps is a daunting task. But iPhone's iOS 4 allows you to organize your icons into folders. The Folders feature enables you to create folder [more…]

How to Add Bookmarks to Your iPhone Maps

Your iPhone has a Maps app to help you get where you're going. And you can even bookmark maps if you think you'll use them frequently. These bookmarks in the iPhone Maps app let you return to a location [more…]

How to Write Notes on Your iPhone with the Notes App

On your iPhone, Notes is an app that creates text notes that you can save or send through e-mail. You can create as many notes as you want on your iPhone and e-mail them to any e-mail account that includes [more…]

Five Nifty Travel Apps for the iPod touch

Are you ready for your next trip? If so, travel apps for the iPod touch can help you find your way around if you get lost, clue you in on the weather, and tell your friends where you are at any given moment [more…]

Five Fun Apps for Your iPod touch

If you're looking for some fun on your iPod touch, head to the Apple Store. You'll find tons of downloadable apps for your iPod touch. Whether you're looking for free apps or are willing to pay for your [more…]

How to Organize iPod Touch Apps into Folders

With the current version of iOS, you can organize your app icons into folders on your Home screens so that you can find them more easily.

The iPod touch comes with three apps already organized into a folder [more…]

How to Copy, Cut, and Paste on the iPod Touch

You can copy or cut a chunk of text on your iPod touch and paste it into another app — for example, you can copy a paragraph from a note in Notes and paste it into an e-mail message in Mail, or vice versa [more…]

How to Use Apple’s Siri on Your iPod Touch

Like the perfect genie, the Siri intelligent personal assistant, included with the newest iPod touch, responds to your command and tries to understand your requests. You can ask for directions, look up [more…]

How to Set Keyboard Options on Your iPod Touch

To set keyboard options on your iPod Touch, choose Settings→General→Keyboard from the Home screen. The Keyboard settings screen appears, with options for Auto-Capitalization, Auto-Correction, Check Spelling [more…]

How to Determine the Time in Another Time Zone Using Your iPod

With the Clock app on an iPod touch the Clock icon on an iPod nano, or the Clocks option in the Extras menu of an iPod classic, you can display clocks with different time zones, which is useful for traveling [more…]

How to Set Multiple Alarms on Your iPod Touch

Time is on your side with your iPod. On an iPod touch, you can set multiple alarms to go off on different days and set a variety of tones and sounds for your alarms that play through its speaker. On an [more…]


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